Sunday, 24 April 2011

end of PRACTICAL TRAINING lalalala ~~

salam uolss...
entry nie title nyer cm bahagia abessss.ha ha ha ye r..da abes pon prtkal ak...since 03.01.2011 until 22.04.2011 ... n since dr e2la.kne buat sistem tok dorg..

end of the last day i've been there..we're hangout rmi2 wit budak2 prktikl kt MPT eat ..@KENNY ROGERS ROSTER TS ..haha da lme i nk mkn..bru aritu dorg tunaikan hajat i ...

tengs a lot to Nad,Ana,K.ct,ann to spend your time wit me ! =)

last day i kt citu jgk,time nk blik,jmpe nan sedey la pulokkkk ...she say THNKS to me sebab da susa payah buatkn sistem utk DORG ...


a little gift from her...i dun expected,but it shows they're appreciating me as well ..apepon dorg kasi,i rembat jek..simpan buat kenangan. THNKS !

oke,now i am focusing right onward presenting my system on 27th April.WISH ME GUDLUCK !

p/s : neves la gilerrrr :s

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