Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ke"neves"an,ke"excited"an, ke"confuse"an

salam ...uols ..
pasan x pe yg xkene nan title entry i kali neh..haha
otak tgh senget juppp ...mggu2 terakhir neh mmg menyebalkan saye sb bz la gilerrrr ... *sigh

so what was that "thing" tht makes me nervous ?? OMG OMG presentation due date is on 27th April 2011 at Uitm. ohno,i've togo back there to completing my practical training procedures.. 1st thing tht mke me nervous is the way im presenting my "system" soon ..i cnt imagine who is the judges tht will ask this this this to me! *trembling

what the "thing" that makes me excited ?? OO yes ..I'M THE WAY TO COMPLETE MY practical training soon on 22nd April 2011 u imagine how gleeful i am..keh5 have been almost 4 month okay ... and the same time,i've done finishing creating a complete system..fuhhh how proud i am .u don't CARE ea??i CARE.ahahaha

next entry ill show to uols my system okaay??? =)

CONFUSE ??? errr act, after i've done completing my practical training with present system n report bagai tuh just thinking,,wht suppose i hve do to before i'm continue my degree..* if i got tht offer lah okaay?? 
the best thing is "WORK" !! rite rite??? instead of im just eat,sleep n keep recycle tht thing until September coming soon..*bak kata dayah,my fren " MEREPUT LA WEIII " ...*laughing laughing ...but WHAT??WHERE??? tht mkes me confuse a lot. *huh

but there is one more "thing" ... 
2nd JPJ test for me is coming soon..haha..even though ive done pass my license, my laling laling tomatoman want to test me again! oke, DEAL! =p

p/s : can't wait to finish all of that "thing"!

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