Friday, 15 April 2011

stats n BROWSER punye hal =P

HI uguys…salam …

Sesaje nk ceciter nan korg2 …recently, ade checking my audience’s review for my blog …
Today onwards, its almost 800++ even though I’m just strting writing n make this blog on March 2011 …, I think tht I can make u guys feels free to read all my entry in this blog …importnt thing,plis leave ur comment or idea so tht I can improve my blog…
Here is the stats …=)

From march-april 2011

Err act, xbpe nk fhm sgt mne dtg Russia, us n japan whatsoever tu …bcoz on my traffic line never show it to me …its oke…I dun long as they like it my blog…adeke mat mat saleh bce belog lam malay?? Ahahaha ..ape2 jelah…o ya …nk citer sal browser neh

PLUS if u can see more(click on the pic) ade user yang gne mcm2 jenis browser besides chrome,ie,

This is for a day from 15-16 april 2011

For me, currently ive installed IE,MOZILLA,CHROME, AND OPERA 11 ..BUT its just chrome n Opera tht I’m like to use just now. =)
Oke, 0ne thing …is there any of u tht using a COMODO DRAGON, FLOCK, ROCKMELT AND NETFRONT as ur browser?? Raise ur hand…mcm lahh ak nmpk yekk hakhakhak …=P

I just want to share info abt tht for those yg maleh nk mtk tulun pokcik google eh ….
Act, comodo,flock and rockmelt is just like a chrome …simple jek interface die…


• Is a freeware web browser Implementation of chromium
• Similar interface to google chrome. See it ?
• Can be running on windows
• It’s a freeware license
• Developer by Comodo Group


• It’s a web browser tht specialized to provide social n/wking and web 2.0
• Used Gecko HTML rendering engine by MOZILLA
• Available as a free download
• support on windows,Mac OS X platform and prev als0 linux


• Is a proprietary social media web browser
• Focuses on Google search and Social media
• Supports window and Mac OS X platforms
• On the right side of the browser is another optional side bar, which allows you to view your Facebook wall, and view your notifications
• Searching Google in the search bar pops-up a small drop down window with search results, which makes it no longer necessary to open a whole new tab/window for Google Search

Err …act, theres a lot of info tht u will know if u r asking uncle GOOGLE …IM JUST SHARE A PART OF IT …
its seem tht rockmelt is very suitable for those yang sgt gilakan social media such as fb,twitter n etc =)

there many type of browser tht we can used it. Try to choose some browser tht fast, easy, and interesting interface so we can enjoy more while surfing the internet.
but! Should to remember tht any kind of browser tht we used, there is a adv and dsadv …

ENJOY ! =)

thnks a lot for ugys sb sudi2 jenguk2 my blog.thnks AGAIN ! :)

SO,for those tht know other type of browser, can we share it ???

p/s : so pasnih leh ler tuko2 browser yerkkk =)

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