Monday, 25 April 2011

NST-Varsity Voice ~~

salam ...

well i create this entry by chance i got this newspaper from my pensyarah penyelia ...huhu ..she ask me to read it. erk ..okay, reading at the afternoon mkes me feel want to sleep ..huhu ..

dont u know, especiall uitm's student abt this newspper???

u can LIKE This page @FACEBOOK : "NST-UiTM-Varsity-Voice" for more details.

FYI, ITS A first ever UiTM official newspaper AND its a collaboration between NST with uitm n it including for branches as well :)

but,just now, i've read it and found 1 interesting article. its abt ""SURVIVING THE DREADED JOB INTERVIEWS" ... i guess its good for those yg bakal menghadiri any kind of interview of job! .:)

oke, i list out a few of point according to this article
  • first impression - attire must be professional, well prepared and ironed, not crumpled and unkempt.
  • be thoroughly prepared - importnt of doing research about the job and the prospective company. the format of resume must up-to-date so tht its doesnt seem too much info.
  • the actual interview - dont be panic when attending an interview.if  interview is in english, its most importnt tht we converse in english and be able to answer all the question given.

p/s : gudluck for those yg nk g interview eh ??? :)

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