Saturday, 30 April 2011

"practical training is the end " fullstop

salam uols ...

can u imagine how happy i am?? after been 4 months on practical training, creating a system "alone" physically n mentally, dates wif "report" 24/7 and LAST ! i managed through all the problems and pressures during all tht time.
N Thanks to people tht helping me much :) 

PRESENTATION is DONE ! REPORT is DONE ! and i hve to wait until this tuesday to hand over it to my lect n supervisors ... after tht, no more on system n report until SEPTEMBER COMING SOON ( my DEGREE ) insyaAllah ...
Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Information System Engineering)

and this ...

ni banner system sye ..buruk kan??besela..xkreatif metif pon!em suppose font "e-Aset" tu leh npe nth die xgerak. huhu

akhirnya... report yg telah disiapkn dan dijilid ..*abeh duit ak print bnyk3 kli!mne x nyer,draft 1,time present 1,pas present 2..xpe, berkorban dgn ikhlas :)

dapat cover page baru ..huhu yg lme nk buat pe nth.buat KENANGAN!

to students DIPLOMA SCIENCE COMPUTER ( CS110 ) Batch jul08' UiTM PERAK , CONGRATULATIONS because WE'RE successfully done our practical training and complete the DIPLOMA!

p/s :kene start crik job lah RITE NOW !

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