Saturday, 28 May 2011

Are you Perodua's biggest fan?

salam uols ...

adakah anda memiliki sebuah kereta? o mebi 2 3 buah? oke, nxt question.. adekah kete e2 adalah keluaran Perodua?? IF yes, GOOD! now its time to you to show tht "Are you Perodua's biggest fan?" cOntest. *This Contest shall run from 0:00:00 AM on 25th May 2011 to 23:59:59 PM on 24th July 2011

Oke, xkisahlah if sore cm hampeh, xpe, u can act o dance.. hampeh dance, u can act. see? anyone can jOin this contest from PERODUA. its show ure SUPPORT more on PERODUA.

do whtever u can to show it! dance, sing, act :) recOrd every sec with creative as can. click on the pic below. :) 

oke, hOw to jOin? *a part of it

the price?? wohoooo... superb! u might be the lucky one. :)

hurry up nOw guys!checkout this site for more info. :)
* pic credit to PERODUA@FB


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