Sunday, 29 May 2011

longest words in the English language.

salam uols ...

pernah tgok rancangan tv " spell-it-right "? rncgn tu utk student skola rendah, but sbnrnyer bnyk giler words yg kdg2 kite xtahu n kite bole thu. i like tht shOw :) n now, the competition is still on-going to all over the states in M'sia.

*pic from google

 the answer is 


wohooo ... pjg kan? 45 huruf.fuhhhh oke,the meaning of tht word is an obscure term ostensibly referring to a lung disease caused bysilica dust.

orait, bile tgok word neh, its tke time nk pronounce it. haha. oke2, cer korg try sebut. agak2 tergeliat x lidah korg2? ahahaha 

tke a look this video. she trying so hard to pronounce tht word. how stress she is :)

*credit to youtube.

.tengs for read it.

sile tekan like. :)