Wednesday, 4 May 2011

:: homecoming ::

Salam uols …
Its been a week ..a week? I guess a week and plus another cOuples of day ive been stayed @uitm. After I settled dOwn my jObs there, I straightly fOrwards on my way to IpOh for cOming hOme.

Act, its been almost 3 years I never going back hOme with bus. I remember when the first time I tke a bus to gOing back hOme when I was in semester 1 @uitm on 2008 …thts the first time …

N yesterday … it’s a secOnd time I tking a bus to coming hOme … I was sitting n walking On the bus stOp and strts tO feel uneasy because of tOo long waiting a bus acrOss to us … haha mybe its wasn’t tOo long, but I feel its tOo long.. *sO what?

Arrived @BUS STATION MEDAN KIDD … with a luggage,n backpack, I hve to crOss the rOad. Its mke me temper when im on the zebra line crOssing, there is nO One car want stOp and allOwing me cross the rOad. * pffftttt. 

They hve nO civic education !! If I wait until no more car, excuse me! Wait until there is nO car On the rOad? Soryyy ..waste my time… then I strt to cross the road like tht, n it mkes they’ve tO stOp their car, sO wht??? Unsatisfied?gO hell fella !! 

@bus station .. nothing changed,besides they’re painted the building, the rest, is still the same … BUT! Ive nOtice somthing. No mOre blue bus for IPOH-KAMUNTING … they’re changed to KUMPULAN BAS PERAK’bus. Well,it looks nice than before.. at last …*hAha

I dun know since when they strt to use this bus, since its not a long bus ride.

While waiting at there, suddenly a guy ..seems no sane … ask me n my fren sOme mOney … err panic fOr One time, n we decide tO ignOre him n watch Out Our stuff. He still in frOnt of us.. *eeiiii can u blah frOm us pelissss??? (hoping) . after he leave us, we decide to find our seat in the bus quickly …

After wht thing happens, I safely arrived Kamunting @1pm. Alhamdulillah …
Oke, tht will be the last time for me tke a bus from uitm perak.

Home are welcomed me !! :)

p/s :be crefull while in public areas frens!!


  1. lama betol xdatang medan kidd.dulu time balik kg mesti datang sini sebelom sampai medan gopeng. :P

  2. pijo : kan2? tp xbnyk berubah kott...sikit2 jek berubah medan kidd tuuuu ...ble nth lgi pulakk kau akn smp mdn kidd n gopeng yer.... haha