Sunday, 1 May 2011

:: ma fleur ::

salam uols ...

fleur is in english means flower ...

Who among us ever got flowers from someone? no matter who gave it to us, its still a flower ..with a diff meaning =)

my first flower i got is from my dear Cik Nizam, but! the funny thing is ..continue your reading ..
oke,once upon the time..huhu ..he had a family days in cameron,erm wht year it is? i c'nt recal now..but its a 3 or 4 years ago ... i just got my flower when its completely 100% dry ...uwaaa...and its come in the box with full of small his pics..PLUS  a heart shape keychain from cameron for me...:) until now, its keep dry dry n dry n i keep it as a memory ...=) i just only got a pic when the flower is stil fresh ...

pretty rite??

2nd time i got flower ..also from my dear cik nizam ...its 2 years ago ...i came back to cameron with him n his frens.. riding a bike convoy .. the pre planning is to bring along all his friend's gf, total = 20 person. but! at last minute, the only me, GIRL at the group total = 11 person.

oh man, got no geng la to me ...huhu but its ok, they're so nice to me ...

i dont cre, as long i got my flower * laughing :P
and this ....!

thnks dear!
and this also i kept until its drying in my room.until now.

3rd flower.. its a shape looks like a flower its YELLOW =) im just knowing n be friends of her..farah amirah ..she is sooo nice . she give it to me before she back to JB today...thnks ..

im waiting for my next flower .. can i ? mybe on my cOnVOcation sOOn ... hikhik :P

                                               p/s : i wish i could have a garden wit full house of flower : )

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