Thursday, 22 December 2011

Facebook je ponnn.


em lately, rmi yg cm wonder n asking me, NAMA KT FB DA BERUBAH. *eh eh hado ke org kesah kat kau hani nizanizam ramli oiiiii. as u noe, FB is the place tht we connecting people, we gain info, all kind of info, we got a lots of frens,  co-incidently or not rite?? its tru, rmi da new people i met, sume nice2 setakat nihhh. its all about just frens :)) xlupe jgk jdik tmpt luahan perasaan bagai2 setiap 15minutes, setiap setgh jam .hahaha. bru2 nie, my FB ni da kene madu tau, u noe y? sb mr militry da buat fb sendirikk. hahaha. da sekian lama nye kiteeorg share this fb, now, dengan gah nye da ade fb msing2. ok, wht u guys think? 

i think, its the right time to change my fb name to the old one. yelahh, since die pon da ade fb sendiri, n gune NAMA SENDIRI, why not if i chnge too rite? :)) so.. after all long time use tht nme, im now officially use this name..... :))



i was remembered, when 1st time chnge my name, sume mcm , wahhh, hani nizanizam ramli. kenapa ade nizam disitu, adekah nme sye nizam olso? haha. itu soalan pertama yg i got mse tkr nme tu, n my answer is : BECAUSE OF WE'RE SHARING THE SAME FB,SO WHY NOT IF IM PUT ALSO HIS NME ON IT. :)) n FYI, my frens who know me well, dorg da mcm terbiase called me with that nme, including the nizams there. huehuehue. n sometimes it sounds very comfortble to me... people can say tht long name to me. hani nizanizam ramli.ngehehehe. thts the power of words i guess. n now, people start to question my i chnge tht nme. n my answer is : BECAUSE HE'S ALREADY GOT ONE, SO WHY NOT IM CHNGE IT BACK TO OLD ONE? :))

n there is a person yg keep question who creating it fer him? erk -.- opkosla tuan badan hve no timee to creating it,ive no time for others except yg penting2. if na buat, da lme da buat dulu2,pas2 siap request in relationship ke, engaged ke, married bagai ke n approve by myself. no no no. no needs la tauu. wasted timeeee u know. 

dulu2 suruh buat fb die xnk katenye bz, xde mse sgt na belek2, keje melambak, n its true. even though his fb is there, but no more post since its been created.last sunday.just approval frens from others. yet, im still thinking tht he doesnt have fb like before.

but, dun noe why lahh, im strting to miss that name.. hermmm mybe one day i should chnge it back,mybe? :') my fb is still our fb dear. because its just a FB.

come on,come on, IT is a FB. fb is fer fun, to make a joy with frenss. to share some ideas, n to write sumethng crazyy sometimesss.ngehehehehe  :)) 

Terima Kasih, datang lagi 

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